For Bolton Adhesives, sustainability means acting responsibly towards the environment, people and the community.


We Care is the sustainability program of Bolton Group which we have adopted as Bolton Adhesives. It will guide us in operating with respect for the planet’s resources, in contributing to a more sustainable future and in safeguarding the needs of future generations.


A concrete expression of our commitment, We Care is based on three pillars:


  • SOURCING - for a responsible supply and use of raw materials
  • PRODUCING - for sustainable production processes and quality in our products
  • PEOPLE - for the wellbeing of our workers and the support of communities



Our commitment begins with the supply of raw materials and moves along the supply chain to guarantee a sustainable use of natural resources and raw materials and the traceability of our products.


In this area Bolton Group’s activities are aimed at:

  • respecting the environment through an efficient and responsible use of natural resources
  • favouring the use of renewable or recycled materials in our products and packaging  
  • preferring to work with suppliers that operate according to a sustainable business model
  • safeguarding human rights along the supply chain and guaranteeing compliance with Bolton Group’s Policy on Human Rights.



Bolton Group’s commitment is expressed in every phase of the production and distribution of our products, and has the following objectives:

  • to reduce the environmental impact of our factories’ production processes thanks to certified quality, health, safety and energy management models
  • to limit emissions and consumption and to reduce scrap and waste material
  • to constantly improve the quality of our products in order to meet the needs of our consumers and customers
  • to guarantee health and safety in workplaces with healthy work environments and specific training programmes



People are a driver for Bolton Group’s growth and success. We develop initiatives for our workers and communities with the aim of:

  • fostering the wellbeing of our staff by providing an healthy and stimulating working environment
  • developing our people’s talent with professional growth programmes
  • taking action in favour of communities with projects supporting scientific research, culture and emergency situations
  • promoting school education with our We Care For Child Education programme to ensure a better future for the next generation 


Bolton Adhesives key achievements

At Bolton Adhesives, we have been developing high quality products for a wide range of consumers for many decades. We are convinced that a high standard of quality allows our products to be dependable, long lasting and safe during both production and use. A large part of our products are made in Germany and the Netherlands within factories that are in close proximity to the city centers. We strive to lower our solvent and CO2 emissions, and have put in place several projects to lower waste, water and energy consumption.

All packaging used for Bolton Adhesives products is recyclable. We focus on easy application of our products to enable efficient use and to help preserve natural resources. We are aware that the choice of packaging material is very important, both for the safe use and for storage of products. We developed a range of products with a formula and / or a packaging made from natural resources.

We want to inspire all of our consumers by a combination of excellent products and expert advice. We offer a helpline to advise hundreds of consumers a month, and organize workshops to help our customers how to best use our products. Our company was also the first to offer an in-store interactive glue-advise computer to help consumers to find the best solution for their goals.

Inspiring people also means doing our best to make our employees proud of the company they work for. We regard all our employees as ‘adhesives specialists’ who demonstrate passion and pride for our products. Providing them with a safe and healthy working environment, with opportunities for growth and development, is instrumental to this inspiration and – ultimately - to the consistent quality of our products.

Implemented structures and procedures ensure compliance – to best of one´s belief and knowledge - by the trained and educated employees. There are named persons qualified for the Emission, water and waste. Requested reports and documentation are delivered to the legal authorities in time.


Bolton Adhesives and the future

We will continue our efforts towards sustainability and will communicate in all transparency to key stakeholders. We are also committed to responding to our consumers’ increasingly specific expectations, with the aim of offering innovative solutions made for easier use and effective results – based on Bolton’s mission:

We Care Where You Care

Contact us

We wish to engage in open dialogue with all stakeholders. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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