Biggest Innovation 2014' for Bison

Biggest Innovation 2014' for Bison

13 April 2015

Expert Panel of Judges awards Golden Nail to Bison Rubber Seal

Bison has won a Golden MIX Nail In the category 'Biggest Innovation 2014' with the launch of Rubber Seal, a rubber-based coating. This prize is awarded annually by MIXpress to the most valued brands in the DIY section during the National Do-It-Yourself Session.

The Golden Nails were awarded during the MIX National DIY Session in Maarssen. The MIX trade magazine has been awarding Golden Nails for years to manufacturers in the DIY sector who have achieved something extraordinary.

Well thought-out concept
The industry-wide expert panel of judges praised the well thought-out concept and the customer-oriented solution provided by Rubber Seal: "One multi-purpose solution to a problem for which only a combination of solutions were available until now. Furthermore, the customer previously had to search for a solution in a muddled category. Rubber Seal is a well thought-out and very easy to use all-in-one product that allows you to do many different things. The manufacturer has ensured a solid launch of the product, using both a traditional and an on-line campaign. A unique concept that will undoubtedly give new impetus to the market for sealing products."

Added value
Marketing Manager Benelux, Gijs van Male: "I am very proud, because by awarding this Golden Nail to us, the DIY market has again confirmed that we are able to bring added value to the market with innovative concepts."

Watertight solution
Rubber Seal is a rubber-based coating for waterproofing surfaces and has 1001 applications. One product is all that is needed for a 100% waterproof result on virtually all substrates in and around your home. From waterproofing in the bathroom to gutter repairs and applications on anything from concrete to wood. Rubber Seal is easy to apply with a brush, is environmentally friendly, is 750% elastic, and is weather and UV-resistant.

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