Bison Rubber Seal wins “Best Product of the Year” award

Bison Rubber Seal wins “Best Product of the Year” award

12 July 2016

Zaventem - On  June 29th, Bison Rubber Seal was voted as the “Best Product of the Year Belgium 2016-2017” in the category Coatings in Belgium. No less than 11,632 consumers rated their favourite product between  April 1st and May 31st, 2016 via the website This makes this selection one of the largest consumer surveys in Belgium.

The scores of all nominated products are based on five criteria: value for money, product presentation, user satisfaction, repeat purchase and recommendation. In this survey, Rubber Seal, the universal and environmentally friendly rubber based coating for waterproofing 1001 applications, clearly came out as the best in all these criteria.

Sealing, protecting AND repairing
With a single product, you get all that is needed for a 100% waterproof result on virtually all substrates in and around your home. From waterproofing in the bathroom to gutter repairs and applications on anything from concrete to wood. Rubber Seal is easy to apply with a brush, is environmentally friendly, has 750% elasticity, and is all-weather and UV-resistant. The superior quality of Rubber Seal ensures a waterproof, flexible, durable, safe and user-friendly solution.

Best Product of the Year
The award is an initiative by Q&A Research & Consultancy in collaboration with the Consumer Contest Company. In total, 77 products have been competing for this prestigious award, in which the consumer chose the final winner.

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