Stronger than wood

Stronger than wood

6 November 2015

Bolton Adhesives introduces a revolution in the area of wood adhesives: Wood Max®.  This extremely strong and user-friendly wood construction adhesive is the world's first solvent-free and isocyanate-free wood construction adhesive that meets the industrial D4 standard for watertightness.

Wood Max is a wood construction adhesive based on the unique SMP technology developed by Bolton Adhesives. This technology offers major benefits in comparison with regular wood (construction) adhesives. Wood Max® is thus free of shrinkage and froth whereby the job can be immediately finished and it has an extremely high filling capacity that is ideal for the most difficult bonds.

The innovative isocyanate-free formulation contributes towards a safe and clean application. An adhesive which results in blackened hands after its use as a construction adhesive is now a thing of the past.

The ultimate wood construction adhesive
Wood Max® obviously has the highest industrial standard for watertightness (D4). This means that the adhesive can be used under the most extreme conditions: the adhesive is resistant to (sea) water, temperature, UV and shock. With Wood Max®, you can glue all kinds of wood to each other and with nearly all other building materials such as metal, stone, plaster, hard foam, concrete and plastic. From minor glueing jobs indoors to high value wooden constructions.

All this put together makes Wood Max® the ultimate wood construction adhesive for a bonding that is stronger than the wood itself!

The product is introduced under the brands Bison, Bison Professional and Griffon.

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