UHU ReNATURE Green Brand 2016/2017

UHU ReNATURE Green Brand 2016/2017

15 August 2016

The UHU ReNATURE range has been awarded with the Green Brand seal for two years (2016-2017) by Green Brands International ( This is a great achievement as it is very challenging to reach this benchmark. Among other criteria, UHU ReNATURE’s mainly natural ingredients and use of primary packaging materials made of plant-based plastic convinced the jury. As a result, UHU is entitled to use the Green Brand seal throughout its ReNATURE communication, underlining its commitment to climate protection, sustainability and ecological responsibility.

The international Green Brands organization honors ecologically sustainable brands, products and companies, which have committed themselves to a responsible and environmentally friendly way of doing business. The certification is done in cooperation with independent sustainability institutions, like SERI (Sustainable Europe Research Institute) and ALLPLAN (Association of Energy- and Environmental management), in an worldwide unique, three-stage validation process at which end the final decision-making is done by a high-ranking, independent jury.


UHU ReNATURE as a brand was introduced already in 2014 with the launch of UHU stic ReNATURE – the world’s first glue stick with a container made from plant-based raw materials. UHU since then has set new standards and shown that even small products can make a big contribution to protecting the environment and conserving scarce fossil resources. The UHU stic ReNATURE glue stick consists of 58% renewable bio-plastic, extracted from sustainably grown sugar cane and a glue formulation made from 98% natural ingredients including water. Compared to a conventional UHU stic glue stick, this means a reduction of 46% in CO2 emissions and a 48% reduction in the use of fossil fuels.* This forward-looking approach was also officially acknowledged when the Austrian Federal Ministry of Life awarded the UHU stic ReNATURE  as the first-ever glue to carry the "Austrian Ecolabel" for products.

Twist & glue
However, that was only the beginning of the success story of the UHU ReNATURE concept: In 2015, UHU introduced the first liquid glue in a bottle made from plant-based raw materials, the UHU twist & glue ReNATURE. The bottle of this solvent-free multi-purpose glue consists of 88% bio-plastic also sourced from renewable sugar cane. In comparison to the conventional UHU twist & glue, this reduces CO2 emissions by 46% and cut fossil fuels by 45%.* This equates to a total reduction of more than 50 tonnes of CO2 use and savings of more than 100 barrels of crude oil each year.

Step by step, the ReNATURE family of the yellow adhesive brand is getting bigger – and with this, UHU's initiative for a sustainable world "made in Germany" is becoming increasingly more important. The fact of being awarded Green Brand 2016/2017 confirms once more, and from a professional, neutral and official side, the high quality of UHU products as well as UHU’s commitment for becoming greener and greener. Thus, the Green Brand label works as a reliable sign for making consumers choose the right, sustainable products.   


* Calculated by denkstatt/Vienna, April 2013 & June 2014.

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