UHU Super Glue best tested

UHU Super Glue best tested

15 August 2015

UHU Super Glue is tested best at TV program Kassensturz and ÖkoTest.

The product was tested by an independent product and market research institute Ipi from Stuttgart. 

Quotes from the jury:

  • Very good at gluing divers materials like wood, rubber, plastics and aluminium.
  • The packaging contains enough information about how to use the Super Glue correctly.

Corporate Marketing Director Stationary & Household, Bernd Zimmer:

“We are very proud that our UHU Sekundenkleber   blitzschnell Supergel reached the best test result at   the Swiss   consumer TV program Kassensturz and   also   was established ´very good´ at ÖKOTest in 2014.   For us it is very important, that independent, well   known and accepted institutes confirm our   premium quality."

Look at the  Super Glue productinformation

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