UHU Twist&Glue ReNature third in trade election

UHU Twist&Glue ReNature third in trade election

29 July 2016

Vienna - UHU Twist&Glue ReNature got elected third best newly introduced product, chosen by the Austrian trade in the category of non-food, for Regal’s ‘Top Aktion’. Reviewed were the listings and the level of attractiveness of new product launches according to innovation and opportunities of articles from 2015 for the trade.

The Austrian journal REGAL aimes at trade, industry, service providers and agencies. It appears 12 times a year in a print run of 27,000.

Reducing carbon footprint
Over 90% of all plastics produced are still manufactured from dwindling supplies of crude oil, equating to a yearly global consumption of more than 250 million tons of crude oil. Bio-based plastics, meanwhile, are made partially or even completely from renewable materials. In 2014, the company introduced the first liquid glue in a bottle made from renewable materials. The UHU twist & glue ReNATURE is a multi-purpose adhesive that is ideal for a comprehensive range of gluing tasks with paper, cardboard, wood and many other materials. The bottle of this UHU glue includes 88% bio-plastic sourced from renewable sugar cane. Compared to the conventional UHU twist & glue adhesive, this reduces CO2 emissions by 46% and cuts fossil fuels by 45%, equating to a reduction of more than 50 tonnes of CO2 and savings of more than 100 barrels of crude oil each year.

In addition, the UHU twist & glue ReNATURE adhesive is completely recyclable as well as refillable. The glue itself is environmentally sound too, consisting of 70% nature-based, solvent-free ingredients.

About UHU
Germany-based UHU ­ part of Bolton Adhesives, the glue division of the global Bolton Group ­has had a strong commitment to sustainability for many years. Indeed, environmental awareness is at the core of the manufacturer¹s business, and measures are applied in all areas of the supply chain, from product innovation and production processes to usage and disposal by consumers.

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