Sustainable products


An important component of our sustainability strategy is the introduction of the UHU stic ReNATURE and the UHU twist & glue ReNATURE - quality adhesives in packaging made from renewable materials. Through the replacement of petroleum-based raw materials with bio-plastics made from sugar cane, CO2
emissions can be reduced by 46% and fossil resources can be conserved (48% in the case of UHU stic ReNATURE, 45% in the case of UHU twist & glue ReNATURE*). In the case of UHU stic ReNATURE, an adhesive made from 98% natural ingredients is used. 

*In comparison to a standard UHU stic or a traditional UHU twist & glue bottle, as an average over the entire lifecycle (calculated by denkstatt/Vienna, April 2013 and June 2014).

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More sustainable products


The first glue stick with a container made from 58% renewable raw materials Saves fossil resources, reduces CO2 emissions and is 100% recyclable.

Twist & Glue renature

The proven all and multi-purpose adhesive with the unique rotating gluing head for point, line and surface bonding Refillable and washable.


Solvent-free glue roller made from 80% recycled plastic (not including the band). With an integrated cap that protects the band and helps it to stand up, plus a remaining band length display and band tightener.


PVC and solvent-free correction roller, 80% recycled plastic (not including band). For clean and accurate correcting. Also available as an environmentally friendly re-fill system.

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Green Brand 2020/2021

UHU ReNATURE has repetitively been awarded as Green Brand 2020/2021 and officially decorated with the corresponding Green Brand label. 

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The Austrian EcoLabel

As the first adhesive to receive the honour, the UHU stic ReNATURE has received the Austrian eco label for products, which is officially awarded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. The Austrian eco label is only awarded to products that fulfill comprehensive environmental criteria, which is checked and confirmed by an independent adjudicator.

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Sustainability award

The new UHU stic ReNATURE was selected as the PBS Product of the Year 2014 by the Association of the Paper, Office Supplies and Stationery Industry, within the sustainability category. The new UHU stic ReNATURE impressed the panel in particular on account of its pioneering use of sustainable raw materials and the associated preservation of natural resources and the environment.

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European Bioplastics Award

In 2014, UHU stic ReNATURE was nominated as one of the top five bioplastic innovations for the European Bioplastics Award. The prize honours the innovation, success and performance of manufacturers, processing companies and customers in the area of bioplastics. The winning innovations were selected by an independent panel from the press industry, academia and associations from Europe, Asia and America, based on criteria such as innovative strength, novelty value, quality, customer service and potential benefit to the bioplastics industry.

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